Driver reaction time twice as slow while texting. Get the facts, Kansas! Mission, KS

A recent study revealed startling information about the effect of texting on a driver’s reaction time. Drivers react twice as slow while texting, according to a study conducted on an actual road using real drivers. Similar studies previously conducted using driving simulation machines seemed to indicate that drivers reacted slower while texting. This study conducted by the Texas Transportation Institute confirmed what many researchers have suspected for a long time: texting severely interferes with a driver’s ability to concentrate on the road.

What would you do if a texting driver hit your vehicle? You need a determined texting accident attorneys in Missouri on your side. You need Castle Law Office of Kansas City. Serving clients throughout Missouri and Kansas, an experienced personal injury lawyers in Kansas City MO at our law firm can give you the attention you rightfully deserve after your accident. Don’t leave your future to chance. Contact an automobile accident lawyer in Kansas City with years of experience fighting for clients. Contact Castle Law Office of Kansas City.

Using a closed road, the scientific test involved drivers attempting to read or write a text message while driving on an open road and a section of roadway lined with construction barrels. Drivers participating in the study were then asked to respond to a periodic flashing light. The drivers who were not texting responded to the flashing light in one to two seconds. The test subjects texting while driving responded in three to four seconds. The texting drivers were also 11 times more likely to not respond at all to the flashing light.

Accidents happen fast. Every second counts during and after an accident. Don’t suffer in silence. Contact a Missouri lawyer who can handle your accident and will work tirelessly to deliver the results you rightfully deserve. Contact Castle Law Office of Kansas City – fighting for justice for you!

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Legal Topix – injury lawsuit lawyer Charleston WV

Fight Your Claim By Making Use Of A Professional Car Accident Personal injury attorney

The fact is that, each time we bring our car out on the road the danger of becoming in an incident is constantly imminent. In the event you happen to endure wounds in an auto accident, you ought to opt for the services of an vehicle accident personal injury attorney. Car or truck mishaps can result in significant injuries including spinal cord injuries which will leave you without an earnings for years. Although there could possibly be no payment for your personal emotional and also state of mind, an auto accident law firm can sometimes ensure that you are paid back monetarily for your damages. A Highly Skilled lawyer possesses the expertise to obtain correct payment for personal injury victims without the hassle of submitting claims alone. See :
Charleston Wv injury liability lawsuit firm Charleston WV

Research indicates that car accidents undoubtedly are a leading cause of death of American people beneath thirty-five. The figures are undoubtedly shocking due to nearly 40 thousand lethal traffic accidents per year. Most people lack ample health, car, as well as disability insurance to help them in such a scenario. With medical expenses constantly on the rise, shouldering the charges may become nearly not possible in such a situation. Subsequently, you must consult an automobile accident attorney in order to submit an acceptable case.

In the event of a crash, it’s important to remain at the scenario and phone the police so that you can report the accident. Additionally, seek the advice of a good auto accident law firm right away so that they can secure your protection under the law and shield you from becoming incorrectly placed liable. Gather the maximum amount of witnesses as possible and supply first-aid to any one else mixed up in the crash. Alert the ambulance service in case somebody is extremely injured, as well as request medical treatment yourself. Exchange information including names, addresses, and phone numbers with eye witnesses and the driver. Note all the license number and also insurance details of all the other driver involved. This info might help your auto accident lawyer file a suitable case and even save you from any sort of liabilities.

The legal difficulties and time limitations involved with auto accidents can best be handled by a strong vehicle accident personal injury lawyer. Breach of a code will give you the authority to take legal action against pertaining to presumption of negligence. In cases where you happen to be wounded, there is no doubt you’ll need a good law firm at once. If you are concerned about the charges linked to finding a law firm, you needn’t be. Nearly all attorneys offer the first consultation at no cost. Several auto accident legal professionals use a contingency basis therefore you needn’t pay out a single thing unless you win the case. That way, it is possible to get together with a number of automobile accident lawyers or attorneys and hire the ideal one who matches your own case.

An auto accident personal injury attorney has the required knowledge to handle the insurance companies as well as their attorneys. Any time discussions are unsuccessful they are going to start off the pre-litigation procedure and finally submit the matter in court. Although the procedure usually takes several months, the financial benefits are well definitely worth the attempt. The key is to engage the correct personal injury lawyer skilled at negotiating claims to ensure that you are thoroughly payed so your personal future is effectively protected.

Charleston Wv car wreck accident plaintiff attorney Charleston WV Marks & Harrison is strictly a personal injury law firm. We don’t represent insurance companies. We are passionate about helping people injured by negligence. Our clients have included people injured in West Virginia auto accidents, truck wrecks or tractor-trailer crashes and motorcycle accidents. Please contact our Charleston office for a free consultation. We look forward to discussing your legal options: 101 E. Washington St. Charleston, WV 25301 Phone: 1-800-WIN-WIN-1 Fax: 304-340-8067

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Consult an knowledgeable lawyer at Hansen Dirani & Associates Law Offices OK Law firm Social Security Law

Every disability case is unique. There may be factors in your case that make you eligible to receive benefits that do not apply to another person with the same disability. For example, people over 50 years old may have an easier time securing benefits than younger people with the same disability.

Some people have common medical conditions and disabilities that the Social Security Administration recognizes in its “blue book” that lists impairments. Other people seeking benefits may have rare or unusual conditions not fully understood by the administration. Either way, we are ready to fight for you. The experienced Oklahoma disability attorneys with our firm know how to handle complex SSDI and SSI cases.

Learn more about other Social Security issues by clicking on the following links: disability lawyers
Long-term vs. short-term disabilities
Returning to work after collecting benefits
Other advantages of disability benefits

Contact a disability attorney

At Hansen Dirani & Associates Law Offices, our dedicated disability attorneys Tulsa OK work hard every day helping clients successfully navigate through this difficult process. Don’t hesitate to contact an experienced attorney with our firm today to discuss your potential case. SSDI and SSI cases can become very complex very quickly. Most claims are initially denied. An attorney with our firm can discuss your options. Contact us for a free consultation.

Hansen Dirani Law
4815 S. Harvard Ave., Ste. 380
Tulsa, OK 74135
877-583-0700 Office

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Is your kid trick-or-treating this Halloween night? Discover how to remain safer

Halloween may become a fun and enjoyable evening for youngsters – and for a great deal of grown ups – nevertheless catastrophes could occur. According to the Centers for Disease Control, an median of 4 wrongful deaths each year occurred throughout Halloween hours amongst children age range 5-14 yrs after pedestrian accidental injuries involving autos. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) accounts that Halloween night is usually the second deadliest evening with regard to people on the streets (right after New Year’s Day). See: personal injury lawyers Boston MA Without question, trick-or-treaters and drivers must to get more cautious upon the roadways upon Oct. 31.

To reduce risks of Hallow’s eve traffic accidents, this site offers the following pedestrian safety tips for trick-or-treaters: See: personal injury attorney Hartford Ct

  • Consider costumes that happen to be lighter in color and much more observable to vehicle operators, or include refractive material towards the front and back of your costume.
  • Think about using face paint instead of face masks, or use masks which have been well-fitting along with attention as well as ear holes which don’t impede eyesight or hearing.
  • Fathers and mothers ought to walk with trick-or-treaters that are younger than 12 yrs . old.
  • Make use of a flashlight while trick-or-treating that will help you observe and others see you.
  • Stay away from crossing back yards.
  • Look both ways before crossing roads, and use crosswalks when possible.
  • Always use sidewalks, or if there are none, stay on the far edge of the road facing traffic.

For vehicle operators:

  • Drive carefully and stay on the lookout for trick-or-treaters. Children’s behavior might be unpredictable. They might run out in to the highway.
  • Buckle up children if you are moving the kids around for trick-or-treating. Be sure they will put on seat belts every time they get into your vehicle, regardless of whether you’re driving a short distance.
  • Move to protected spots to allow young children out from the car. Allow them to leave curb side, clear of vehicular traffic. When you stop, make use of your hazards to inform other vehicle operators.
  • Don’t start using a cellular phone while driving. Though cellphone use as well as driving a car on a daily basis may raise your chance of an accident, it’s particularly significant for motorists to stop employing the cellphone on Hallow’s eve. Check for information or even speak on the actual cellular telephone soon after you’ve stopped safely.

Get pleasure from Halloween night and stay safe. Don’t forget, accidents can happen directly. Severe accidental injuries can result in a few months, many years or possibly a life time of challenge.

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