GranuFlo, Naturalyte Recall, Fresenius Dialysis Texas Lawsuit

Did you know that serious injury including stroke and heart attack or even death as a result of undergoing dialysis treatment at a Fresenius clinic and were administered GranuFlo or NaturaLyte? Lawsuits are underway nationwide.

GranuFlo, Naturalyte Recall, Fresenius Dialysis Texas Car Accident and Medical Lawyer

Dangerous Drug Lawyer Dallas TX Videos

Have you or a loved one suffered a stroke, heart attack or a wrongful death as a result of undergoing dialysis treatment at a Fresenius clinic and were administered GranuFlo or Naturalyte? Call the Carse Law Firm 877-865-2580. If you or someone you know is on dialysis, you need to know the FDA recall GranuFlo and NaturaLyte products used at Fresenius clinics all across the country. Major complications have been reported such as heart attack and even death.

The FDA issued a recall as a result of the leaked memo from Fresenius Medical Care to its own doctors. The November 2011 memo alerted doctor and smedical directors about the alarming risk factor linked to use of GranuFlo and NaturaLyte. Fresenius, however, did not alert the thousands of doctors and dialysis centers outside of its own network. Those doctors continued to use the product. It’s shocking that Fresenius failed to warn all doctors using GranuFlo about the potentially lethal side effects.

Car accident injuries can be debilitating, causing extreme pain, cognitive problems, paralysis and force you out of work due to the pain. From whiplash back and neck injuries to spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries/TBI, car and truck crash injuries can mean surgeries, physical rehabilitation, using a wheelchair, and often emotional therapy. You may have been in a devastating car accident and have severe injuries, with a long road of medical procedures and hospitalization ahead.

Auto accident injuries in Texas can be devastating and may include any of the following:Paralysis, Coma,Broken collar bone, Fractured pelvis, Severe head injuries, Brain damage, Burn injuries, Spine injuries, Internal injuries, Whiplash

Unfortunately, many employers don’t believe their employee were hurt after a work related car crash and refuse to pay for needed medical treatment, occupational rehabilitation or lost wages. They will dispute the injury claim and some even fire the hurt employee in order to avoid paying when they should. There are several types of on-the-job injury situations and forms of legal recourse that we can pursue on your behalf. If you or a loved one was injured, you may be entitled to compensation. We understand that any type of personal injury can be devastating, but we can help protect your rights. We will help you seek damages for all your losses, such as wages and income, unreimbursed medical expenses, loss of companionship or consortium, and physical pain or suffering. Contact a personal injury attorney serving Dallas today to see how we can help. Contact the Carse Law Firm.

The Carse Law Firm provides aggressive and reliable representation to Dallas and clients throughout Texas. Our Lawyers
understand how complicated your life can become after any type of personal injury, from serious injuries due to third party negligence.

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Austin TX bike sharing program could increase risk of bicycle accidents

Bicycle riding has become increasingly popular in recent years as a means of dealing with high traffic in urban areas and as an alternative to cars as gas prices have gone up and concerns about pollution have persisted. Many cities are adopting bicycle sharing programs in order to make biking easier. Recently, YNN Austin announced that the city of Austin, Texas will be moving forward with a bicycle sharing program.


Our Austin family lawyers know that a bike sharing program could encourage more people to take up riding and could increase the number of bicyclists on the roads. In New York City, a bike-sharing program led to riders traveling more than 1.5 million miles in just the first month of the program. While it is great that bike sharing can increase convenience and making riding a more popular option, more bicyclists on the road also means a greater chance of bike accidents happening. As a result, cyclists and drivers need to be aware of the risks of crashes and need to take safety precautions to prevent accidents.

Austin Moving Forward with Bike Sharing Plan

The new bike-sharing program approved by the Austin City Council will result in hundreds of bicycles being made available for public use around town. An agreement has been entered into with B-Cycle to purchase an estimated $2 million worth of bicycles, kiosks and computer software to manage the new sharing program.

The program will allow riders to have an annual or monthly membership or to rent a bike on a daily basis. Estimates indicate that there will be about 10 different stations around town where bicyclists can rent and return bikes. The program will start with 100 bicycles and will continue to expand. By the spring of 2014, the next phase of the project will result in a total of 40 kiosk locations and 400 available bicycles.

Bike Safety is Key injuries and deaths have resulted in family Divorce See: Divorce Attorney Austin Tx
Cyclists are excited about the new bike-sharing program, but it is important that both bike riders and drivers do everything possible to avoid the risk of bike accidents with more riders on the road.

For drivers, this means:
Checking for bike riders and yielding the right-of-way as required.
Refraining from dangerous behaviors such as speeding, drunk or drowsy driving, and driving while distracted. All of these behaviors could lead to an accident with a bike rider.
Leaving enough space between yourself and cyclists. Aggressive driving causes accidents.

For bicycle riders, safety efforts can include:
Wearing bright colors to be seen more easily and using reflective material when riding after dark.
Obeying lane markings and all rules of the road.
Riding in bicycle lanes whenever possible and always riding with traffic.
Communicating with drivers by using hand signals and ensuring that you make eye contact so drivers can see you on the roads.

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Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney Jeffery J. Hernandez Is On Your Side

Personal Injury Lawyer Based in Scottsdale, Serving Phoenix and the Entire State of Arizona
Clients value us for our experience, dedication, integrity and 20 years of successfully fighting personal injury and business litigation cases. Our sole purpose is to help our clients recover from their injuries, whether from car accidents, boating accidents, medical negligence, premises liability injuries or professional misconduct, such as breach of contract in a business deal.

We know how hard it is to struggle with legal issues while you’re also trying to recover physically, emotionally and/or financially from injuries or hardship. We prepare every case meticulously, answering all your questions along the way so that you know you’re in good hands. We strive to do what’s right for those who have been wronged, and if we become your law firm, you can count on us to fight hard to help you and your family get back on your feet.

accident attorney phoenix, az

A Relentless Phoenix Trucking Accident Lawyer Who Takes On Trucking Companies
Not only does personal injury attorney Jeffery J. Hernandez fight diligently for the rights of Phoenix, Arizona trucking crash injury victims. He also offers a wealth of insight into how trucking wreck insurance claims adjusters work. Before he became an Arizona personal injury attorney, he was an insurance adjuster. That experience is part of the reason he decided to become an accident injury lawyer. After seeing so many good people being mistreated by intimidating insurance adjusters, trying to pressure injury victims to accept unfair, “low-ball” settlements, he wanted to be able to help all victims get the compensation they deserve.

You can count on Attorney Hernandez to negotiate with truck insurance company adjusters so you receive a fair trucking crash settlement. Here are just a few types of cases we handle:

Fatigued trucking drivers
DUI trucking accidents
Texting trucker jackknife crash
Delivery trucking accidents
Trucking company negligence
Distracted truck driver accidents
Overturned big rig
18-wheeler accidents
Jeffery J. Hernandez is the determined, reliable Phoenix, Arizona trucking accident lawyer you want in your corner, and he will work diligently for your justice. Call him at (480) 624-2765 or contact us online today for a free, confidential, personalized consultation. Don’t let a negligent trucker get away with it-let us pursue justice for you!

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Thousands of people sustain major auto injuries – Personal injury attorneys Houston TX

Thousands of people sustain serious car injuries every year in auto accidents in Texas. In 2011, a total of 79,573 people were injured in 57,919 motor vehicle accidents. That’s one injury every two minutes and 29 seconds. In 2011, motor vehicle accidents claimed the lives of 3,015 people.

A Galveston car accident attorney can help when serious injuries have turned your life upside-down. At Hagood & Neumann, we have been helping accident victims for decades. Whether you’re dealing with back and neck injuries or passenger injuries, injuries from an accident can create a complex personal injury case. Our firm knows how to research cases and know exactly how to best go about building strong cases for clients.

Auto accident needing an attorney - Houston Texas Personal injury lawyers
Car accident needing a lawyer - Houston TX Personal injury lawyers
Car accident needing a - Houston Texas Personal injury attorneys
Car wreck needing a - Houston Texas Personal injury lawyer

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There are many different factors to consider after a 18 wheeler accident, especially ones involving large, 18-wheelers or tractor-trailers in Texas. Highway truck accidents at high speeds are common. In many cases, these vehicles are from far away and might be owned and operated by several different companies. Attorney Hagood has years of experience doing handling accident cases. More important, he knows how to hold these companies responsible for such serious accidents.

And once you track down these companies, the process of finding who is responsible is only beginning. Investigating truck companies can be extremely complicated, no matter where they’re located in the country. They may even be from Mexico. Often, these companies are reluctant to share information about their procedures and the drivers themselves. Our firm knows how to dig for such information and find the facts clients need to build strong, solid cases.

Auto accidents are among the most common causes of wrongful death. But a wrongful death lawsuit can arise out of any act of negligence, including construction accidents and aviation accidents. No matter how your accident happened, don’t hesitate to contact Our firm. We understand all the legal implications of such tragic accidents. Allow us to put our knowledge and resources to work for you.

Hagood & Neumann realizes that choosing the right Lawyer to represent your family is one of the biggest decisions you will likely make in your life. Having the right attorney on your side can mean the difference between being able to live your life with dignity or facing the prospect of severe financial difficulty. That’s why we offer all potential clients a free case evaluation.

Personal injury lawyer

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