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Video Transcript:
Severe traumatic brain injuries require an experienced attorney, an attorney who understands not just the judicial system but the mechanisms of the brain, how the brain works. You have to understand the medical terminology. You have to understand the interplay between psychology in the brain. You have to understand what the long term outcome will be for a patient who has suffered a severe traumatic brain injury.

At the Mike Slocumb Law Firm we have years of experience handling traumatic brain injuries. Because a traumatic brain injury case is unlike any other personal injury case that you could suffer. You can’t see the brain, you can’t feel the brain, what you have to do in a traumatic brain injury case is explain the brain. Unless you have an attorney who has an experienced background handling a brain injury case who understands the medical terminology, who understands how the brain works and who can communicate with your medical professionals that are handling your care, that attorney cannot possibly understand the damages that you’re entitled to recover.

I want to give you an example. Ten months ago we were hired by a client who had suffered a traumatic brain injury. She had been in the hospital for just over a month and she was discharged. The family contacted my firm, we meet with the client and within four days we filed a lawsuit. In this particular case, because my client had a traumatic brain injury, she was incapacitated and a guardian had to be appointed on her behalf.

And so we had her son appointed as the guardian. Ten months after litigating the case, a daughter of our client appears with her attorney. This daughter says, I should be the guardian in this case. As grounds for why this particular daughter would be the better guardian her attorney who handled criminal matters, not personal injury matters, said that the way that our law firm had prosecuted this case was not the correct way to prosecute the case.

One of the arguments that he made was that we filed the lawsuit too soon. so I asked him, why did we file this lawsuit too soon? He said “well you don’t even know what your clients damages are.” I looked at him, I said “I don’t need to know any more then that my client has lost ten percent of her brain volume to know that she has a permanent traumatic brain injury that is not ever going to heal.” The other thing he says, “well, how could you possibly have investigated this accident before you filed the lawsuit?” Filing the lawsuit is exactly what you want to do in order to investigate the accident.

The sooner you file the lawsuit, the sooner you can begin investigating the accident. If you wait to file a lawsuit, many times what we find is an insurance company or a corporate defendant will destroy evidence, they’ll tamper with evidence, evidence will come up missing and so you want to file a lawsuit as quickly as possible in a severe injury case. In order to immediately preserve that evidence.

One week later we settled the case for two million dollars. Now if we had done what this other lawyer had suggested, we would have still been waiting for our client to heal from her traumatic brain injury, which is not going to happen. And we would still be waiting on the investigation to be completed.

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Accident Attorney or lawyer Knoxville Tn : Incidents Need Knowledgeable Advocacy in Tennessee

Experienced car accident injury lawyer in Knoxville Tennessee. Call (877) 496-6580 for the Law Offices of G. Turner Howard III.

Car Accident Lawyer Knoxville Tennessee

We offer the expertise and compassion that personal injury and car accident victims deserve. Call us for a free consultation if someone’s negligent actions or reckless driving resulted in any of the following car accident injuries to you or a loved one:

Hello my name is Turner Howard, I’m an attorney in Knoxville TN and I’d like to talk with you about three car crash cases in which we used out skill, power and resources to get each one of these clients large settlements for them.

And one of them involved a rear ender on the interstate. He was one of several people in a line of cars that was hit from the rear and pushed into the car in front of him. He didn’t have that major an injury, had no surgery, and yet we were able to settle a case for well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We had another case recently where a young family was traveling from Tennessee back from Louisiana where they were from and a farmer pulled out in front of them in rural Tennessee and they could not stop, the farmer failed to yield and these people struck the car. And as a result of that, four children in the car were seriously injured. The mother was killed and the driver was also injured, the father. The four children became our clients and though a long process of a great deal with working with the attorney’s involved though depositions and that type of thing, we got all four children, two of whom had serious surgeries, a very very large settlement, in this matter.

Then there’s another matter here recently, we just settled in the last week of a man who was pumping air in the tire of a car that was in a truck stop, in a perfectly legitimate place. A semi-trailer truck pulls up next to him, does not see him and runs over his leg, crushing his leg, and drives off. And of course this poor old man who is in a lot of pain did not get the license plate number or anything of that nature. He just remembers it was a certain make of truck and that was all.

Well, our staff went to work on finding out exactly who owned the truck, and when it was bought, and that type of thing though calling around, though the internet and though a great deal of research, and a great deal of work, found out who it was, we pinned them down. They finally had to admit they were the ones who ran over our poor client. And we just settled that case last week for a very very large sum of money.

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