Three women who were released from prison on Monday after spending more than a decade behind bars Breaking News461


Cassandra Rivera, center, relaxes with her mother and brother on Nov. 19 in San Antonio, Texas, one day after being released from prison.

Other moments have been more bittersweet. Ramirez said her mother told her about her dad’s final moments three years ago when he died at age 84. Ramirez had been on the phone with him from prison, and told him she and the others wouldn’t give up their bid for exoneration.

“My mom told me that a tear came out of his eye, and I said, ‘I love you, daddy’ and he took his last breath,” she said. “I do want to go see his grave and I want to just tell him, ‘Daddy we didn’t give up and that we’re all home.'”

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During their time in prison, they had sent letter after letter to innocence groups and anyone who they thought could help them win exoneration. Along the way, they received many rejection letters and had many false starts.

The women, who weren’t incarcerated in the same facilities, described having to fend for themselves in prison (Vasquez and Ramirez were at the same correctional center for a short time).

Ramirez, the first to go to prison nearly 17 years ago, said she had never been in trouble in her life and was at first scared behind bars. Other inmates knew that she had been convicted of molesting girls and threatened to hurt her. But one reached out. “She took me under her wing and protected me. She schooled me about prison: you go do your time and this is how you do it,” she said.

“It was difficult to accept to be put in the same category as . real sex offenders,” said Vasquez, who couldn’t drive near places where children gather – like McDonald’s or church – under restrictions imposed after being paroled one year ago (those were lifted Tuesday morning).

Their imprisonment didn’t just take a toll on the women, their families endured hardship, too.

Ramirez is re-connecting with her son, now 18, who grew up with his dad. She said he didn’t want to expose him to prison, so her son didn’t visit her there.

“Sometimes as a mother you have to make a sacrifice just so he won’t have to go through what we’ve been through over all the years,” she said through tears.

But mother and son are swiftly making up for lost time. They had their first interaction on Monday night over pizza for dinner. Ramirez said she tried to make him feel comfortable, but they were both a little nervous.

Martinez said she would help however she could with the group’s bid to get a full exoneration and hopes she can still have a relationship with her aunt. “If she would want to have one with me after everything,” she said. “I want her to be a part of my children’s life just how she was a part of mine.”

Martinez’s older sister maintains the attack still happened. The four women said they don’t blame the girls and applauded Martinez for coming forward.

“I believe it was a brave thing for her to do. I’m very, very proud of her,” Rivera said.

Ramirez said she would accept her niece with open arms, “because that’s what love does. It’s unconditional.”

The women, who couldn’t have contact with each other in prison, enjoyed re-connecting since their release. They considered themselves family nearly 20 years ago – and that hasn’t changed.

“The comfort was still there,” Rivera said. “It’s falling right back into place, because we’re family.”

The next part of their journey will be pursuit of “actual innocence,” which is possible under Texas state law, though Ware said winning such a declaration was extremely rare. But the women said there is no stopping them.

“We want actual innocence because that’s what we are,” said Mayhugh, who spent nearly 14 years in prison. “We’re actually innocent.”

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Lansing MI Personal Injury Lawyer Auto Accident – Article 478

Accident accident needing an attorney - Lansing MI Personal Injury Attorney Accident wreck

There are many different issues you need to consider after a crash. That’s why it’s important you contact our office as soon as possible to discuss your case. Even if your accident seems clear cut – and even if the other person admitted wrongdoing – there’s no guarantee verdict you deserve to cover the true cost of your Lansing, Michigan, accident.

Too often, many people only think about the short-term costs associated with an accident. Our firm thinks differently. He takes into account how much you may eventually need to cover your accident-related expenses years down the road. Will you need physical therapy, other medical procedures or assistance from a nurse or health-care worker? Will you be unable to return to work? Was your ability to function permanently affected by your accident? Attorney Bloom will take all these issues into consideration and make sure your settlement or verdict reflects these factors. Case results matter, experience matters.

Law Offices Of Gary Bloom
39040 W. 7 Mile Road
Livonia, MI 48152-1006
Tel: 734-464-1700

It’s difficult to know what to do after a serious back and neck injury caused by an auto accident is overwhelming. All you probably feel like doing is resting and recuperating. Many auto accident victims are forced to deal with insurance companies contacting them with endless questions that seem innocent on the surface. Don’t be so sure. Often, insurance companies are focused on one thing: paying people as little as possible. That’s why it’s critical you contact our office. We deal with the insurance companies on your behalf so you can focus on what’s imporant: your recovery. Maybe you need a Accident lawyers Lansing Mi?

If you have been in a truck accident, truck accidents can be legally confusing. There can be several insurance companies involved in one accident. One insurance company might represent the driver. A company might represent the truck company. Besides the driver and their company, sometimes another third insurance company might even be involved. A company may be involved representing the interests of the company whose cargo was being transported on the truck.

With motorcycle accidents, they can also be confusing. Knowing what to do after a motorcycle accident can be difficult. There are many legal issues to consider and many questions you need answered. That’s why you need our firm on your side, fighting for your rights. Serving clients throughout Michigan and Ohio, attorney Gary Bloom has a strong track record for getting people the compensation they rightfully deserve. He also thoroughly understands Michigan’s unique laws governing motorcycle accidents.

To learn more contact a straight talking lawyer.

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Injury Due To Crane Accident at Recycler, Louisiana Premises Liability

Louisiana Premises Liability – Crane Accident at Recycler Blamed for Injury



According to the Louisiana Record, a recycling company is being sued by two Louisiana men who were injured on its premises. The men were harmed by a crane that was being used to try to remove scrap metal from a trailer. Lawyers in Louisiana know that when a company provides a service to the public and opens its doors to do business, the company has an obligation to ensure the safety of patrons.  In this case, it will be important to determine if the company fell short in its obligation in a way that led to the crane accident and resulting injuries.

What is the Recycling Company’s Responsibility?

The Louisiana Record reports that the two men injured at the recycling company were hurt as a result of a crane attached to a trailer belonging to one of the men. The crane was attached to help remove scrap metal when it got stuck and allegedly lifted. The trailer was shaken by the crane and hit the rear of one of the men’s trucks. Both of the men were reportedly injured as a result of the impact.

The two men filed a lawsuit in the Central District Court and the defendant recycling company has been accused of failing to properly train its employs, improperly entrusting a crane to its employees, and operating a business with unsafe practices and unsafe operations.


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Recall and Warnings due to False Claims about Diabetes Drugs

Diabetic Test Recall and Warnings of False Claims about Diabetes Drugs


This July, the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning to diabetes patients about diabetes treatments that were being illegally sold. The FDA cautioned that some companies are trying to take advantage of the rising number of patients with diabetes by making false promises. Just a few short days later, on July 31, the FDA released yet another warning to diabetes patients, this time alerting them about a massive recall of diabetes test strips.


Our attorneys know that diabetes patients are generally reliant on a variety of different medical products and drugs in order to manage and treat symptoms of their condition. Unfortunately, the reliance on medical products puts diabetes patients at great risk of harm when drug companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers release dangerous or defective products.

FDA Warnings to Diabetes Patients

The first of the FDA warnings released towards the end of July addressed products sold with false claims about their ability to prevent, treat and cure diabetes. The FDA had launched an investigation of diabetes products that were being marketed to consumers with promises that could not be kept, surveying the marketplace to find treatments that were being sold illegally.

The FDA found that there were an abundance of such products and sent 15 different companies warning letters indicating that their sale of diabetes products was violating federal law. The drugs targeted by the FDA included:

  • Products sold as dietary supplements
  • Alternative medicines such as ayurvedics
  • Prescription drugs
  • Over the counter drugs
  • Homeopathic products

Read more…

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