Problems with Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants Canadian Institute Health Survey Reaffirms


It has become abundantly clear as a result of numerous medical studies and reports of complications to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that metal-on-metal hip implants are disastrous for patients. Our experienced attorneys know that metal-on-metal products are marketed primarily to younger and more active individuals with the promise that these new medical devices will last longer than traditional hip implant systems. Unfortunately, it seems the exact opposite is true.


The high failure rate of metal-on-metal hip implants has been confirmed in yet another in-depth study, this one conducted by the Canadian Institute for Health. As reported by CBC News Health, the study showed that  the failure rate of metal-on-metal devices was not just higher, but was around twice as high as the chances of failure with metal-on-plastic implants.

Canadian Health Institute Survey Shows High Failure Rates of Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacement Products 

The Canadian Institute for Health study involved a review of 56,942 hip surgeries that were performed from 2003 through 2011 throughout Canada.  Of the hip implant surgeries included in the study:

  • Twenty-three percent of patients had received metal-on-plastic implants.
  • Nine percent of patients had received metal-on-metal implants.
  • Eight percent of patients had received ceramic-on-ceramic implants.
  • Five percent of patients had received ceramic-on-plastic implants.

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Chicago Il Personal Injury Attorney – Who can sue for damages? – Article 875

A crash might seem easy to understand. You might think you dont even need a lawyer. Dont be so sure. The other driver may have caused the accident but does not guarantee you will be treated fairly after your accident. Insurance companies may act like they are your friends. In reality, most insurance companies are focused on one thing: paying people as little as possible after a car accident.

Many people often fail to consider the true cost of an accident. Beyond the cost of repairing the vehicle, there are medical expenses, lost income if you cannot work, physical therapy and pain and suffering often for months after an accident. Dont sell yourself short. Someone else caused your accident. You should not have to pay for someone elses mistakes. At Coplan & Crane, we can work with you and help you obtain the compensation you rightfully deserve. Be aware that property damage accidents in some states cost drivers an estimated $9,000 each in 2011. We realize that for many people, spending $9,000 on an auto accident can result in financial ruin.

Chicago Personal Injury Attorney – Who can sue for damages?

Can you sue for Damages arising from a semi-truck wreck? Clearly the person driving the commercial truck that hit you. We can sue him or her. We can also bring suit against the corporation for whome the driver works for, who put the driver behind the wheel of that eighty thousand pound truck. What car crash lawyers may not know that experienced truck crash lawyers do is that there are a number of other people who are involved behind the scenes if you will, then just the driver and the drivers employer and the trucking company.

Experienced truck crash lawyers will tell you that even load that truck driver is carrying may have been brokered by a third party. So there may another corporation besides the driver and the trucking company, who’s responcible for putting that trucker together with that load that he or she was pulling. Sometimes that load broker places unreasonable time constraints on the truck driver, telling them that they need to be in Tacoma by a certain day and certain time, they need to be in Chicago a short time later. If the driver needs to be in certain places at certain times and the only way the driver can meet those obligations the broker places on them is by violating federal law. By driving too long, by driving too fast, in those circumstances it is a receipe for disaster.

So we have the driver, we have the trucking company, we have brokers, anyone involved in causing the situation are appropriate defendents in a truck crash case.

Such serious injuries demand serious action. At our firm, we work relentlessly for people who have sustained injuries in car accidents throughout Illinois. We have a strong track record for obtaining large, multi-million-dollar settlements and verdicts.

We know how to handle insurance companies. We know how to research accidents. We know what information to look for based on years of successfully representing car accident victims. We leave no stone unturned including poring over police reports or medical records. Would you like to talk to a

Coplan and Crane
1111 Westgate Street
Oak Park, Illinois 60301
Phone 1-708-358-8080

Dealing with insurance adjusters can be especially frustrating. Their questions might seem innocent. But often, such questions are designed to reduce the amount of money insurance companies pay after an accident.

You are not required to give a spoken statement to the other sides insurance adjuster. Listen to what he says and note the questions he asks, but do not enter into a dialogue with him. You need to tell your lawyer what was said. Have your lawyer evaluate your case.

At our firm, we can help you deal with the other drivers insurance company. We can deal directly with insurance adjusters. We know how to get you the compensation you rightfully deserve under the law. Our dedicated attorneys enjoy helping people throughout Illinois.

Insurance companies dont intimidate us. We can put our knowledge and resources to work for you. Call (708) 358-8080 or (800) 394-6002 and schedule your free case consultation.

Personal injury lawyers

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Ocean Tourists Can Have Serious Injuries Parasailing News 697


According to ABC News, there have been 33 serious parasailing accidents in the state of Florida between 1998 and today.  Six of those accidents caused fatalities.

Our West Palm Beach injury lawyers know that parasailing can be very dangerous if the boat operator who runs the parasailing operation fails to maintain the boat or other parasailing equipment. Unfortunately, the parasailing industry is largely unregulated, which contributes to the risk of accidents occurring. Many of these accidents involve tourists who visit Florida and who try out parasailing on their vacation, including one recent devastating accident that injured two visiting girls.

Parasailing Accident Seriously Injures Tourists

According to WPTV, two 17-year-old girls recently went parasailing while on vacation in Florida.

Unfortunately, the line on the parasail broke when the girls were out on the water. As a result, the young girls slammed hard into the side of a nearby condo building and hit a power line and a car in a parking lot.  The girls were seriously injured as a result of their ordeal, with one suffering from back injuries necessitating surgery and the other suffering neck injuries.

One of the two girls has been walking with assistance despite her injuries, while the other is able to communicate only through nods, blinks and small hand gestures. While there is hope that both girls will make a recovery, there is a long road to go for the young women and their families.


Parasailing Injury Lawyer

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About An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers There For Louisville, KY – News 622


If you or a loved one has been injured in an car wreck, lawyers in Louisville KY may be able to help. Just call Shelton Law Group today at


for a free consultation with a Louisville attorney. Texting while driving is really very dangerous for car drivers. Such as with an a person driving with a cell phone on is estimated to have a crash risk as great as 23 times the likely hood of crash of a person who is not distracted while behind the wheel. Despite the risks we know of inattentive driving, many motorists continue to make dangerous choices behind the wheel by focusing on things other than the road.

Our lawyers know there are many causes of accidents. Distracted driving is an important problem with drivers of all ages, and it is becoming a more common problem as more people embrace smartphones and GPS devices. Many efforts have been made to combat this problem throughout the United States, and reports that the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has now launched an exciting new initiative to teach local residents about distracted driving dangers.

About An Experienced Accident Injury Lawyer Serving Louisville, KY

We take your case personally

At the Shelton Law Group we handle all of the many kinds of injury cases. Including truck and car accidents, including motorcycle accidents, product liability, brain and spinal injuries, nursing home neglect. We have years of experience representing people injured or damaged because ofsomeone else. Being in a personal injury case you need quality representation. This is especially true if you are recovering from injuries to yourself.

There are unsafe motorists who are making Kentucky’s roads high-risk. But Kentucky Transportation officials aren’t standing by. One remarkable thing our officials are doing is taking a texting while driving simulator, the D2, on tour so people can better understand the dangers. Drivers who text cause many rear-end collisions. The drivers may cause bicycle or pedestrian accidents.

Accidents may result in injuries such as:

  • Broken bones
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Head injury
  • Paralysis
  • Amputation

Have you been injured in a car or truck accident caused by an a GPS using or texting driver, you need to take action. You need to contact someone that will look out for what matters most for you. You need to make sure you have someone working just for you, not an insurance company or someone else who has a conflicting agenda. If you are injured you need someone who will fight for your rights. You need our firm.


Texting While Driving

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