Biz News SOPA Boycott Of Businesses Goes Viral Targets Congress And Business Alike

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In what may well be a first, both the Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party seem to back the latest boycott of business who support a new set of laws called SOPA. The two groups see this as the prime example of the clear conflict of interest congressional leaders have when they take money from business they are suppose to regulate.

Del Hagen an online political pundent says ” This is a very bad situation and not a good turn of events. The message seems to be very simple. Congress has completely lost the trust of the American people making economic recover very difficult at best. Until such time as a new law or even a constitutional amendment is established which regulates the behavior of congress members we see the United States continuing on its down word spiral. You can’t on one hand have congress men and women taking huge sums of money from the same business they are suppose to regulate and expect them to be unbiased. SOPA is just another example of a complete lack of understanding of the American People”

“The reason Americans are now starting to target businesses instead of congress is they feel hopeless when it comes to congress.”

“With Congressional approval at a historic low manly as a result of ramped legalized insider trading and lobbying money “Nod Nod – Wink Wink” from business they are supposed to regulate. We have come the conclusion that the corruption is so entrenched and so ramped that the current US government structure is beyond repair though traditional means. “Thus the 9% favor ability rating for congress” Basically everyone but congress knows the current US system of paying to get laws passed is not working – sorry guys. ” Said An Organizer

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