Recall and Warnings due to False Claims about Diabetes Drugs

Diabetic Test Recall and Warnings of False Claims about Diabetes Drugs


This July, the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning to diabetes patients about diabetes treatments that were being illegally sold. The FDA cautioned that some companies are trying to take advantage of the rising number of patients with diabetes by making false promises. Just a few short days later, on July 31, the FDA released yet another warning to diabetes patients, this time alerting them about a massive recall of diabetes test strips.


Our attorneys know that diabetes patients are generally reliant on a variety of different medical products and drugs in order to manage and treat symptoms of their condition. Unfortunately, the reliance on medical products puts diabetes patients at great risk of harm when drug companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers release dangerous or defective products.

FDA Warnings to Diabetes Patients

The first of the FDA warnings released towards the end of July addressed products sold with false claims about their ability to prevent, treat and cure diabetes. The FDA had launched an investigation of diabetes products that were being marketed to consumers with promises that could not be kept, surveying the marketplace to find treatments that were being sold illegally.

The FDA found that there were an abundance of such products and sent 15 different companies warning letters indicating that their sale of diabetes products was violating federal law. The drugs targeted by the FDA included:

  • Products sold as dietary supplements
  • Alternative medicines such as ayurvedics
  • Prescription drugs
  • Over the counter drugs
  • Homeopathic products

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