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The Manhattan medical malpractice the Law Firm Of Jonathan C. Reiter has developed an impressive group of expert lawyers and legal professionals. Individually, the majority of us created impressive careers in the legal profession. Together, we have now come to be one of the more experienced legal firms in the Manhattan and New York City region.

Personal Injury Attorneys Lower Manhattan and New York City

Medical negligence is a professional expression used to explain whenever medical professionals, nursing staff, pharmacy technicians or any other medical service providers make errors which result in a severe personal injury or even death of any patient. The medical treatment specialist has stop doing the grade of of proper care they were suppose to carry out and may also end up being accountable for the injury that has transpired. The medical professional has a responsibility to supply excellent care according to the recognized guidelines of the medical community and the guidelines of a specific medical profession. Learn More

Medical malpractice is very hard to demonstrate. Often, the health care provider that created the pain and suffering for you or a loved one will deny wrong doing. And in many cases should the health care professional or medical expert confesses making a blunder, insurance agencies often try everything they can to prevent compensating injured people. The medical facilities along with insurance agencies have got intense attorneys attempting to guard their welfare.

Once you have an experienced Manhattan accident lawyer working with you, you are able to take an tough approach with your lawsuit. We all know the best way to negotiate with insurance agencies and keep businesses answerable for their behaviors.Find out what Manhattan, NY personal injury attorney Jonathan C. Reiter and his team of skilled legal professionals are able to do for you. Contact us. Contact (866) 324-9211 and plan a totally free consultation at our office conveniently based Empire State Building. Lower Manhattan and New York City, NY Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice

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CT SUV Accident Claims Life of a Child


Recently, the Hartford Courant reported on a tragic accident that resulted in the death of a young baby.  The two-car collision resulted in the death of a 5-month-old as well as critical injuries to an 11-month-old passenger.  The driver of the second car was a 17-year-old.  Police are reportedly investigating the cause of the accident to determine who was to blame.

Lawyers in Hartford, CT know it is important for police to investigate any auto accident that results in serious injury or death. The driver who is to blame for the crash may face both civil liability and criminal liability if the motorist’s actions were negligent or dangerous.

Police Investigating Fatal Accident

The accident reported by the Courant occurred at around 1:20 in the afternoon. A four-door SUV carrying the two infants and their mothers was traveling west on Spencer Street.  The other car with the 17-year-old motorist was traveling north on Hillstown. The SUV and other vehicle collided, causing the SUV to roll over and hit a telephone pole.

The impact of the rollover caused the passenger compartment on the SUV roof to be crushed. The two mothers who were in the SUV were able to exit the vehicle after the accident and were waiting outside of the car when police arrived.  Police indicate that the damage to the SUV was relatively minor, even with the caved in passenger roof, but, unfortunately both infants had to be extracted from the vehicle by rescue personnel. One of the mothers was also taken to the hospital to treat emotional distress resulting from the accident and injuries to the children.

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Child Accident

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Injury Due To Crane Accident at Recycler, Louisiana Premises Liability

Louisiana Premises Liability – Crane Accident at Recycler Blamed for Injury



According to the Louisiana Record, a recycling company is being sued by two Louisiana men who were injured on its premises. The men were harmed by a crane that was being used to try to remove scrap metal from a trailer. Lawyers in Louisiana know that when a company provides a service to the public and opens its doors to do business, the company has an obligation to ensure the safety of patrons.  In this case, it will be important to determine if the company fell short in its obligation in a way that led to the crane accident and resulting injuries.

What is the Recycling Company’s Responsibility?

The Louisiana Record reports that the two men injured at the recycling company were hurt as a result of a crane attached to a trailer belonging to one of the men. The crane was attached to help remove scrap metal when it got stuck and allegedly lifted. The trailer was shaken by the crane and hit the rear of one of the men’s trucks. Both of the men were reportedly injured as a result of the impact.

The two men filed a lawsuit in the Central District Court and the defendant recycling company has been accused of failing to properly train its employs, improperly entrusting a crane to its employees, and operating a business with unsafe practices and unsafe operations.


Personal injury lawyers

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Law Wire News Why Are So Many Attorneys Wanna-Be Web Gurus? 1 3 3

Get this: Only about 1 in 20 law firms have their websites professionally managed. The other 95% have a site built, then decide they’ll somehow make it searchable but they have no clue what they’re doing, so their big investment starts collecting cyber dust like a box of brochures on a shelf. See: Seo For Lawyers

I know, I know-your firm doesn’t need site-management help because you’re good with Google, your paralegal made a site for a friend once and your admin likes blogging. Hell, for that matter, why not have your dentist handle depositions and the mailman can take your place in court? Eventually you’ll panic, hire a bunch of piece-meal vendors to try to keep it afloat and then waste time trying to manage them.

If you want high search rankings, you need a proven site-management company with the expertise, dogged mindset and dedicated hours to systematically keep your site in step with Google’s constant algorithm changes. (Admit it-you don’t even know what that means, do you?)
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