Serious Accident Lawyers Salt Lake City and Ogden, UT 759

The Law Offices of Peter W. Summerill – a Salt Lake City and Ogden, Utah law office together with past experiences in addition to a proven track record of achievement – works with a wide variety of diverse cases. Our injury attorneys set know-how and assets to work for afflicted individuals and their households around Salt Lake City, UT. Serious Ogden & Salt Lake City, Utah accidental injuries come about on a daily basis, from slip and fall accidents, to birth injury, to traumatic brain injuries in addition to dog bites. As well as virtually every collision is unique and even provides troublesome troubles for the client as well as their own family group. We happen to be medical malpractice together with medical negligence legal representatives who understand that every single client is worthy of important awareness in addition to remarkable services. Our lawyers understand exactly exactly what is necessary to get hold of optimum compensation for any client’s damages.

Personal Injury Lawyer Ogden and Salt Lake City, Utah

Car accidents can happen at any place, any time within Ogden, UT. In the event that you have been through a car accident resulting from someone else’s negligent or perhaps dangerous behaviour, get hold of Peter Summerill Law instantly to go about your personal legal opportunities by having an qualified personal injury attorney who knows methods to take care of a person’s liberties. There’s a chance you’re allowed to compensation. Our law firm’s attorneys know the most notable causes of auto accidents within Utah as well as the most commonly seen different types of vehicle accidents which car owners face day after day. Lawyer for personal injury in Ogden and Salt Lake City, Utah

Peter W. Summerill Law is a Salt Lake City, UT law office dedicated to helping severely injured men and women and even people whom lost friends and family as a result of neglect. The Law Offices of Peter W. Summerill has over 15 years’ experience handling accident claims across Utah. He has the skills and methods to address all types of sophisticated law factors – from car, truck and motorcycle accidents, to property accidents, medical malpractice in addition to motorcycle accidents cases.

Speak to Peter Summerill Law immediately to talk about your current legal possibilities with a proficient, experienced car accident attorney that is representative of medical malpractice and even car accident afflicted individuals within Salt Lake City and Ogden, Utah. Each of our Ogden & Salt Lake City, UT office supplies a place to meet for mediations, depositions and arbitrations for truck accidents, car accident and personal injury lawsuits. Ogden and Salt Lake City, Utah Personal Injury Lawyer

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Car Accident Attorney Arlington TX – Mark M Testimonial Carse Law

Victims of rear-end accidents and head-ons alike need a reliable, relentless attorney who will work hard so they can recover. We know you’re probably in shock, unsure whether you’ve had the right medical care and wondering if you need an attorney. Sometimes traffic collisions seem straightforward, in which a driver ran a red light and you were hit broadside. Or the car next to you veered into your lane. But when it comes to car accidents, nothing is ever straightforward. If the negligent driver asks to handle it without involving your insurance company, don’t listen. You need to call the insurance company and the police, you need a fearless law firm that will put you first.

If a Drunk Driver Crashed Into You, We’ll Obtain Breathalyzer Results and Fight For Your Justice!

Intoxicated bus drivers, taxi drivers, airport shuttle drivers and commercial semi-truck drivers are also often responsible for drunk driving deaths and injuries on Texas roads and Interstates. Don’t delay-every day that you go without a trusted attorney in your corner, before your car accident negligence lawsuit becomes harder to prove.

Truck Wreck and Car Accident Attorney Dallas TX – Mark M Testimonial Carse Law

At the Carse Law Firm, we work tirelessly on behalf of our clients to help make sure all responsible parties are held accountable to the full extent of Texas Law, whether it’s filing a car crash lawsuit against the guy who ran into you while using with his GPS unit, the woman who sideswiped you while making a cell phone call or the car manufacturer who installed defective brakes in your car.

Texas Distracted Driver Accident Attorneys

All school bus drivers are prohibited from using cell phones if kids are on their bus. Sadly, throughout the Dallas area, texting, tweeting and surfing the Internet on in-dash tablets has become the norm, particularly for young drivers.

Over 40% of teenagers say they’ve been in a car in which the driver was texting. Cell phone accidents are all-too common as well, particularly because there is no law in Texas against cell phones used by drivers, whether hand-held or hands-free. It’s not only texting while driving and cell phones that cause car crashes in Texas-it is often a combination of driving under the influence and driving while distracted that turns into auto accident fatalities and injuries.

A Dallas Hit-and-Run Accident Attorney Who Can Aggressively Pursue the Compensation You Need

Every car accident is traumatizing, but when a driver hits you and races away, it can be devastating. Your car may have been totaled. You may have severe car accident injuries. While a hit-and-run driver may have turned your life upside-down. You may be able to make a claim on the “Uninsured Motorist Coverage” in your own auto insurance policy to help pay your car repair or replacement costs. But your own insurance company might try to push you into accepting an unfair, “low-ball” offer. That’s why you need the Carse Law Firm on your side.

Hit From Behind? You May Have Whiplash, Broken Back or Spine Injuries-Call Us Today

Even accidents in mild stop-and-go traffic cancause catastrophic injuries as devastating as head-on collisions. Your car may be totaled, even if the driver who ran into your bumper wasn’t speeding. Any distracted driver or drunk driver who slams into a rear bumper can cause multi-car pile-ups in Texas on Interstate-30, I-35E, I-45, I-635, Rte. 67 and Rte. 80-and we can file a rear-end accident lawsuit on your behalf.

Hit By a Car But Unsure If It’s an Injured Pedestrian Case? Call Us Today for Free Evaluation

It is not uncommon for truck accidents and bus accidents to involve devastating pedestrian injuries. These types of traffic accident cases can be far more complicated. Even so, the Carse Law Firm can negotiate on your behalf in mediation or file a pedestrian injury lawsuit against the person or company responsible for your injuries.

Let the Carse Law Firm aggressively pursue the negligent driver’s auto insurance coverage. We can pursue wrongful death benefits so you can start putting your life back together. Call the Dallas, Texas personal injury attorneys at Carse Law Firm today toll free at 877-865-2580 or (972-CALL-TOM) or contact us online for a free evaluation. Every discussion is confidential and you won’t pay a nickel until we win your case for you.

If you have been majorly injured in an wrongful death, accident or car crash accident, Lawyers, the experienced Texaswrongful death lawyers at Carse Law.

Car Accident Attorney

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Recall and Warnings due to False Claims about Diabetes Drugs

Diabetic Test Recall and Warnings of False Claims about Diabetes Drugs


This July, the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning to diabetes patients about diabetes treatments that were being illegally sold. The FDA cautioned that some companies are trying to take advantage of the rising number of patients with diabetes by making false promises. Just a few short days later, on July 31, the FDA released yet another warning to diabetes patients, this time alerting them about a massive recall of diabetes test strips.


Our attorneys know that diabetes patients are generally reliant on a variety of different medical products and drugs in order to manage and treat symptoms of their condition. Unfortunately, the reliance on medical products puts diabetes patients at great risk of harm when drug companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers release dangerous or defective products.

FDA Warnings to Diabetes Patients

The first of the FDA warnings released towards the end of July addressed products sold with false claims about their ability to prevent, treat and cure diabetes. The FDA had launched an investigation of diabetes products that were being marketed to consumers with promises that could not be kept, surveying the marketplace to find treatments that were being sold illegally.

The FDA found that there were an abundance of such products and sent 15 different companies warning letters indicating that their sale of diabetes products was violating federal law. The drugs targeted by the FDA included:

  • Products sold as dietary supplements
  • Alternative medicines such as ayurvedics
  • Prescription drugs
  • Over the counter drugs
  • Homeopathic products

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Construction Worker Deaths Up by 5 Percent in 2012


According to a new report released by the United States Department of Labor, the number of construction workers killed on construction sites rose 5 percent in 2012, from 738 to 775. The Department of Labor has deemed the construction industry the “deadliest industry in the United States.” Falls, slips, and trips remain a construction worker’s worst enemy: in 2012, 280 construction workers died from a workplace fall, slip, or trip, which represented over a third of all construction related deaths. The remaining categories of construction deaths are transportation incidents (216), traumatic contact with on-site objects or equipment (135), and exposure to harmful substances or environments (102). Looking for a workers compensation attorney?

From our vast experience in construction cases, we know employees in the construction industry work from great heights every day, and falls are very common. Therefore, it is critical to make sure your employer provides the safety equipment you need to protect yourself from falls, by tying-off or using a horizontal lifeline, if working from heights greater than seven feet. In addition, you must always report an unsafe work environment if your employer does not provide you with a safe environment to work from heights.

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Construction Worker Death

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